The Word is Getting Out – Thanks Oprah!

Yes…the word is finally getting out that America needs a reality check on their eating habits. If there is any one way to start to get the message across America it is through Oprah!

I was a little skeptical when the show began, worried that the right message wasn’t going to get across – but it did. What basically needed to be heard is that people need to be more conscious of their food choices. More importantly to understand that that when you buy “that” chicken, breakfast cereal, fruit juice or any packaged snack at the grocery store, you aren’t buying just that single item, but buying into a whole other “business” that does not have your health in mind. Their are very conflicting nutrition and health claims that are made – “naturally raised”, “heart healthy”, “low fat” which unfortunately have left most consumers confused and often “less healthy” as a result. As outlined on the show – ever since the “low fat” trend took flight in North America – people got fatter? That doesn’t make any sense? Well actually it does, when food is stripped of it’s essential nutrients, packaged and processed – something else needs to take it’s place. Whether is a man-made chemical or sugar – both contribute to weight gain and other long term diseases that so many people suffer from today.

On this particular show, Oprah had the acclaimed food journalist Michael Pollan to interview. The words and values that he defined on the show, are messages that everybody needs to hear or at the very least read in one of his many books.

America also got to get a glimpse at other people and businesses are that are in complete support of a more plant based diet. Alicia Silverstone talked about her transition to veganism and the impact it has had on her health, energy and beauty. Even though it is not expected that everyone should become vegan, what can be taken away from this is “eat more plant based foods” and you are on your way to good health!

A huge emphasis of the show was also dedicated to scenes from Food Inc. A film that was created to show America just how twisted the food industry is. This film will most definitely show you the dark side of factory farming. It is important for consumers to know that their meat, chicken and pork – is not coming from friendly-happy grass fed pastures. In fact it is quite the opposite! It is also essential to learn about the the true food costs that are lost along the way. Where it appears that fast food and processed foods are “cheap”  – the truth is that the price is paid somewhere. Whether it is your health, unfortunate workers from other countries or animals lives – somewhere, someone or something has to be sacrificed. So your 99c burger – is no where near that price!

The take home message at the end of the day – is become more aware, become more conscious and ay attention to the food going into your mouth! You have the right to make a choice with your fork three times a day, so choose wisely. You just might live a long life!

Some food for thought – From Michael Pollan’s newest book FOOD RULES!

#18 – Don’t ingest foods made in places where everyone is required to wear a surgical cap

#14 Avoid foods you see advertised on television

#8 Avoid products that make health claims

#5 Avoid foods that have some for of sugar listed among the top three ingredients

#19 If it came from a plant, eat it; it it was made in a plant, don’t

#27 Eat animals that have themselves eaten well

I could list them all, those are some that have stuck out!

If you have read Food Rules – please feel free to share a rule or two or if you saw the episode on Oprah…what did you think?

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