Master Your Barista Skills & Make Espresso!

If you like espresso, I am sure you would love to make your own frothy beverage creations at home.

What if you have had the perfect compact espresso maker in your kitchen to fulfill all your coffee bean desires?

I am sure you would be psyched. Likely more than me, as I am not a coffee drinker – but I do enjoy the occasional sip or splash in my cup. Especially when it’s blended with other ingredients like coconut milk, collagen, cinnamon or even some medicinal mushrooms. Or I will just use a base of dandy blend.

If you are a purest, you may not agree with this blend. But truly, whatever works for you. Luckily Breville has espresso makers for all kinds of coffee drinkers, so be sure to explore the possibilities to see which one suits you best! It’s worth taking a look at them all to find out which one is right for you!

What I am sure we all can agree on, is the fact that when it comes to making espresso at home, there are certain elements you want to attain without compromising what you can get in a cafe.

That is why I am excited to introduce to you the Breville Bambino Plus. The latest creation at Breville HQ and it’s totally amazing.

The 4 Key Elements for Café Quality Espresso

Perfect Dose

Every good commercial espresso machine uses a portafilter. The Bambino™ Plus uses a 19g porta-filter for barista quality performance, and full-bodied taste.

Precise Temperature

Breville’s precise temperature control (PID technology) detects and minimizes any temperature fluctuations during extraction. The difference between an ashy or balanced tasting espresso can be as little as 2°F.

Optimal Pressure

Low pressure pre-infusion & 9 bar extraction pressure creates a golden honey crema in your espresso by ensuring the right pressure, at the right time.


Breville’s automatic steam-wand uses the optimal pressure needed to turn your milk into a silky smooth micro-foam, essential for latte art, and for the perfect integration of both milk and espresso.


For the the coffee lovers reading this post…guess what! I am going to be giving away a Bambino Plus away!

All you have to do is watch out for my instagram post over at @marniwasserman sharing a picture of my pretty little espresso maker.

I will be announcing the winner on my Facebook LIVE on Thursday November 15th 4 pm. I will be showing off this beauty and talking about all it’s features!


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