Exciting News about My Podcast!

Do you know about the incredible podcast that I host with Dr. Jesse Chappus? It’s called The Ultimate Health Podcast. We launched this show back in September and it has been doing amazingly well. We have so many incredible conversations with health leaders on our show and these will continue, as we put out a new show every week! Jesse and I also have some of our own shows on various topics that our listeners are interested in. I know you will love the show, there is so much information jam packed into each and every episode! Our mission is to take your health to the next level, no matter where you are at on your journey!

The most recent update is that the show is now sponsored by my favourite company ever – SUNWARRIOR. I have been using their products for years! I am also a long-time ambassador of the company and can’t stress enough how incredible they are to work with. They are focused on lifestyle, health and wellness and have bundles information available on their website! Their classic vanilla protein is part of my daily routine and I hardly ever make a smoothie without it!

What does this mean for you?

As a listener of The Ultimate Health Podcast you will get 10% off any future Sunwarrior orders in Canada and the USA. See details for special instructions here. You will also get free shipping on orders over $100! Find all the details here!

You will also get updates on new products, how we like to use them and an opportunity to take advantage of giveaways and other fun things we have planned down the line!

Listen to Episode #48 to get all the deets on why we are so excited about this partnership!

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