Green Tips for Your Everyday Life

“Go Green” – we’re hearing this more than ever right now. Naturally, some of us think of hippie, tree hugging health nuts, sipping on green concoctions. (Actually, to be fair, with the right ingredients those weird looking green concoctions can actually be quite tasty, but that’s another topic for another day!)

Believe it or not, “going green” isn’t just about being “earthy”, and opting for extreme diet enhancements. Going green is a lifestyle that each person can take part in, simply by making some basic changes. You don’t have to be “extreme” to do something green. Making some alterations to your everyday routine can help you become a more eco-conscious individual and consumer.

If you want to be more green, both for the benefit of the environment and your body, then here are just a few tips:

1. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth, and the lights when you leave a room.
These are a few habits I’ve gotten myself into when it comes to conserving water and energy. While it might seem super easy to look past these rules, it’s also super important to follow them. Always remember that a little bit goes a long, long way.

2. Opt for natural and organic skin care products
As a strong believer in healthy skincare, I avoid the drug store brands, and turn to food grade products that I know are safe on my skin. These products can be found at your local health food store. (Or, you can try the ‘Salad for your Skin Green Cream’ that everyone’s been raving about!)

3. Ditch your Styrofoam and plastic lunch containers for glass
Okay, so it might be heavier than the plastic Ziplocs you’re used to carrying in your lunch box. But if you’re someone that is out and about almost all the time, you want to preserve your packed lunch to the best of your abilities. Storing your food in glass containers will keep your food fresh, and prevent it from leaking. I like the comfort of knowing that my containers are tried, tested, and true.

4. Opt for organic linens and cottons
As a green-conscious consumer, I don’t ignore any aspect of my daily routine. While you may or may not realize, there are tons of chemicals and bleaches on the materials you use everyday. Go green when it comes to the bed you sleep on at night, the clothing you put on in the morning, and the napkins you use at the breakfast table. By opting for 100% organic or bamboo cottons and linens, your mind and body will feel as pure as your values.

5. Go green in the garden
I know it seems like a long shot, but believe it or not, growing your own veggies will save you money, time, and rotten veggies in the refrigerator. Once a year,  Young Urban Farmers comes to plant my own personal garden, leaving me with fresh veggies from May until December. Getting your own garden can be done with a box above the ground, or having herb plants in the backyard. Simple, efficient, and delectable!

While I’ve given you five of my personal favorites, it’s up to you to make green alterations that will suit your own lifestyle. Although you may not be able to implement all 5 of these tips, always remember that every small change goes a long way, so start small and build your way up. (Oh, and if you’re still thinking about that green concoction, then here’s the recipe!

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