Waking up at Iyashi

Last Friday morning Marni and I went to Iyashi Bedrock Spa just north of Eglinton on

Yonge for a Hot Rock Yin Yoga Class.

What is a Hot Rock Yin Yoga Class? To start, we didn’t listen to rock n’ roll while in Shavasina.

Unlike a traditional yoga class, at Iyashi you practice yoga poses on Japanese imported black silica bedrocks in a heated room. The stone beds are kept between 42 and 44 degrees Celsius and the temperature in the room is set to 60 degrees Celsuis. This provides for a safe and soothing atmosphere. Also, the heat helps immensely with all poses, allowing you to stretch a little further than usual.

Not only was the staff incredibly friendly at 6:30am, but our Yoga instructor was lovely. She created a calming environment for a peaceful practice with just the right amount of challenge.

I know that both Marni and I were in need of a morning like this. Marni had just completed the Half-Marathon and the days following she was hobbling around the Studio. And I get a lot of back pain from sitting at a computer all day. This practice really helps to counteract the activities that we do everyday that stiffen the body.

Marni and I would recommend Iyashi Bedrock Spa to anyone who cares enough about the health and wellness of their body and mind– and who doesn’t? 🙂 Stay tuned for our next Urban Retreat in January, you may be waking up at Iyashi too!


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