Marni & Me Series: Why Marni is a Lover of Local

Hello Neighbour,

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m from the country. My hometown is called Prince Edward County. It’s an island just two hours from the city, it’s gorgeous and it’s where everyone knows your name. When I moved to the city for university, I couldn’t understand what people were talking about when they said they were “buying local”. Of course I’d “buy local”- the produce from Hagerman’s Farm down the road from my parent’s house is way better than the grocery store and I played baseball with their kids!

Alas, Toronto does not have an apple orchard along Bay St, but the city does a plethora of Local Companies & Farmer’s Markets full of community goods.

Marni and I met at one of these farmer’s markets over the weekend for Brunch- you may have heard of it, Evergreen Brick Works.

With kale exploding out of our backpacks we walked and talked around the market.

Marni, why is it important for you to buy local?

I buy local for a number of reasons. First and foremost, I buy local to support my community. The best part of buying local is that I actually get to talk with the person who grew the vegetable, prepared the mustard or fermented the Sauerkraut (for example).

Also by buying local I know I’m reducing my carbon footprint, since my food didn’t travel for days by plane, truck or train from a big mechanized corporate farm. And it’s a bonus for my taste buds, because the food is fresh; it isn’t “jet-lagged” from a long journey from California.

What is so great about being able to talk to the person who created the product?

Oh so many things! If you find something new, you can ask them all about it- no instruction manual required. The farmer, baker and creator can tell you how to use or prepare the product, where it came from, how it was made and when it’s in peak season. You can even ask about the growing methods, like what pesticides are used, if any. And when it was harvested.

What else can you find at a farmer’s market?

Friends. Fully Nourished Friends to last a lifetime.

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Interested in knowing some Local Companies that Marni likes?

Here you go Good Neighbour!

Teas from Steeped & Infused *Makes Marni’s Superfood Tea– find at the Veg Food Festival

Nude Bee Honey Co. *Find Delicious Pumpkin Honey at the Food Studio

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