Nothing is Black and White!

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I can’t even begin to explain what 2013 was about. In retrospect, although in shades of grey, it was a year of good luck! Who said 13 was bad luck?

Was it a good year? Yes. Can I believe that it has gone by? No.

Did my life completely flip upside down, and then right side up again?  Yes.

All of these things have made 2013 my year of new beginnings. I guess I never thought that things in my life would transform so quickly at this stage in my life.

Of course I knew that my business was going to take a serious turn once I moved into the Food Studio, but little did I know how this was going to change my life.

As the year comes to a close, I am reflecting on all the things that took place this year. Although there have been some serious challenges that have come my way both in my personal and professional life, there is not a chance I would call it bad luck, in fact it was anything but that.

In taking on the biggest thing I have ever taken on in my life, the Food Studio, I have encountered a whole slew of new beginnings, insights and changes. Some of which I expected and knew what I was getting myself into, and some not a clue. I guess that happens with anything in life. You can set yourself up with all the information, all the details, but BAM out of nowhere comes curve balls, footballs, heck even golf balls. What I have come to realize is that things are never in black and white!

Just to give you some perspective on some of the things that have taken place this year.

New Food Studio & Lifestyle Shop – which I hope you have had the chance to experience on some level. Even just for a visit

New Team: Have you met my amazing Food Studio Team?

New Book: Fermenting for Dummies

New Book Contract: Plant Based Diet For Dummies – coming out in Spring 2014.

New Relationship – Meet my new partner Jesse Chappus (more on this later…)

All in all, I have to say that I am beyond grateful and happy that the year transpired as it did. I have now moved into the next chapter of my life and it really all took place this year. From here on in there is going to be lots of changes in my life, in my business, and my overall outlook to the world. They say that we have growth cycles every 7 years, well think I had about 20 this year alone! But growth never ends and it is something I will continue to embrace everyday.

As my reader, client, student, or friend, you are a very important piece of the puzzle that is now making up who I am and what my business and Food Studio stands for.

If I can lend you any words from this year, it is that with change comes all kinds of things that will shake you up, shake your world up. But stand strong, stand proud and keep your head held high and work through those shades of grey.

I have learned so much this year, that there are really no words to describe the satisfaction that I feel as the year comes to a close. I am very much looking forward to setting some new goals!

If you’re interested in more insights, please read my 32 life lessons, to gain even more perspective on my growth!

Thanks for reading,

In health and to a plant loving 2014


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