Slow down and enjoy a smoothie bowl for breakfast

If your anything like me when it comes to breakfast, I am usually ravenous in the morning. I can devour a glass full of a smoothie in seconds. They are just that easy to drink, and if I put a straw in it, forget it – it’s gone before I even started.

That’s why transferring your smoothie into a bowl and topping it with something crunch can make all the difference. Not only will it slow you down but allows you to actually get full. I find that when I finish anything too fast – my body is still wanting more. Practicing mindfulness while you eat is extremely important to slowing down during your meals. You get the chance to truly appreciate every bite instead of making them disappear.

Being mindful and slowing down is also important for your digestive system. In our busy go-go-go lives, it’s especially important to take things extra slow, especially when it comes to our meals. This brings in the act of chewing. Yes you heard me right, you can chew your smoothie! This allows your mind and body to be conscious of savouring every bit instead of guzzling every sip of your smoothie.

The key is to use a spoon and a bowl to allow for this to happen. This will let the sweet digestive enzymes in your mouth (salivary amylase) get at your food and start to break down the starches even before it hits your stomach. You will notice that you are not only more satisfied and full after your smoothie but you will actually enjoy the taste even more.

For more inspiration on this listen to Robyn Youkilis on The Ultimate Health Podcast sharing all about chewing, breathing and pooping!


Are you ready to sit, chew and savour your next smoothie bowl?

Here is my latest creation with some of my new favourite additions:

?1 cup cha’s coconut milk

?1 cup spring water

?1 scoop sun warrior plant protein powder or bone broth protein

?1 scoop collagen

?1 Tbsp almond butter

?1 cup frozen berries

?1/2 frozen banana

?1 tsp ground live kuna chia seeds

?1 tsp coconut kefir from the cultured coconut

?small handful of fresh spinach

Blend in a high speed blender until smooth, creamy and thick (add less liquid if it’s too runny). Pour into your favourite colourful bowl and grab a spoon! Don’t forget to top as you wish with shredded coconut, chia seeds, sliced tigernuts or hemp hearts. This will add some extra crunch and texture to your bowl making it even more enjoyable to chew and eat with a spoon.

For more refreshing and nourishing smoothie recipes, check out the recipes from these lovely healthified ladies below!

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