Tongue Scraping 101 – Scrape Your Tongue Clean

Tongue Scraping 101

Scraping your tongue sounds harsh, why would anyone want to do that? It’s not harsh at all, it actually might tickle and it’s does amazing things to your oral health. You have no idea how much bacteria is trapped on your tongue and stays there on a daily basis, just sitting and collecting more bacteria which could be causing bad breath. Read on to find out why Tongue Scraping is essential to your health.

Why Can’t I Just Use My Toothbrush?

Your toothbrush was designed to remove the plaque and bacteria off the smooth surface of your teeth, not your tongue. Your teeth and tongue have two different textures. Your teeth are smooth and your tongue is rough that has crevices that hold bacteria inside. Even if you brush your tongue with your toothbrush, it will not get all the bacteria out because it wasn’t made for your tongue. When we sleep our body removes toxins from our body which land on our the surface of our tongue, which is why it’s important to scrape your tongue in the mornings.

What are the benefits of Tongue Scraping?

Your oral health will be maximized and you will have less bacteria in your mouth. If you suffer from bad breath then scraping your tongue is a must! That is where the bacteria is sitting and the smell of the bacteria is projecting out your mouth. You will improve your digestive health, boost your immunity, reduce bacteria in your mouth, get rid of bad breath and have a healthier mouth.

When Do I Use The Tongue Scraper?

Every morning when you wake up and before you go to sleep is the best time to scrap your tongue. This will now become a part of your daily oral routine. Brush your teeth first then when you are finished brush and scrape your tongue with your tongue scraper. You can also use all natural mouth wash and floss for the most excellent mouth anyone has ever seen or smelled!

Do All Tongue Scrapers Work Well?

A straight answer is no. Many of these tongue scrapers that are being heavily promoted only do half of their job. They scrap the top of your tongue and only get off half the bacteria. I’ve seen many tongue scrapers that don’t have any bristles. You need to have a tongue brush with bristles so it can grab the bacteria from your tongue and move it up onto the surface so it’s easier to remove. An amazing tongue brush is from Doctor Tungs. This bush has worked wonders. It has bristles as well, the scraper is gentle but does an amazing job!

Not only will you have pearly whites with oil pulling, but now your tongue will feel it’s best! Fight that bacteria and start tongue scraping today!

To learn more on Tongue Scraping and how important it is then you will want to listen to this episode with Gillian Mandich on The Ultimate Health Podcast! 

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