Are you using Medicinal Mushrooms in Elixirs?

All the craze lately is mushrooms! Now we are not just talking cremini and portabello, we are talking Chaga, Reishi, Maitake, Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps. These super immune boosting shrooms are key to health, immunity and longevity!

Meet medicinal mushrooms

In Asia the people have used mushrooms in their daily lives for thousands of years. It is obvious that if these didn’t work, they would have dropped their use. But clearly the mushrooms kept their place and it is clear for us to see why. The so called medicinal mushrooms have given us many important pharmaceutical medicines from penicillin to the first statin drugs and anticancer treatments. Actually, about 40 % of western medicines nowadays utilize mushrooms.

Instead of taking the isolated compounds, we recommend ingesting the mushrooms in their whole, natural form. This goes for foods as well. It could be said that culinary mushrooms aid in promoting health but medicinal mushrooms take things to the next level. What are the best of the best when it comes to medicinal mushrooms? The following “Big Three” are at the top of the chart: chaga, reishi and cordyceps.

…to read the full post on this contributed by Four Sigma Foods on Dr. Jesse Chappus’s website GO HERE

Jesse and I also had the pleasure of interviewing Tero IsoKauppila from Four Sigma on the Ultimate Health Podcast. To listen to this epic interview click here!

I am also honoured to be an ambassador of FOUR SIGMATIC FOODS, which means I get to spread the good word on healing shrooms. I already do in my classes, on social media and definitely on Instagram where I am always making fun new elixirs!

What are Elixirs?

Elixirs can either be hot or cold beverages that are essentially medicinal in nature. They could have a base of a tea or just hot water and then they can be infused with herbal powders, tinctures, chocolate and other superfoods.

Just pick some ingredients (at least 1-2) from each category to make your own brew!

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Base ingredients

Marni’s Superfood Tea

Yerba Mate Tea

Green Tea

Tulsi Tea

Longevity Tea (Dragon Herbs)


Chaga Tea

Marni’s Superfood Tea Blend

Fats & Thickeners

Hemp Seeds

Brazil Nuts



Coconut Oil




Coconut Sugar

Yacon Syrup

Maple Syrup

Herbs / Spices


Chaga / Reishi Mushroom or any Four Sigma Shroom Teas

Dandy Blend






Goji Berries




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