5 ways to dedicate your holidays to happiness and health!

Although I am not usually a fan of “list” posts, sometimes they have a place. Especially when you want quick and tangible ideas to make simple changes in your life. Not everyone has time to read a long post. So if I can just sum up some quick tips to keep your holidays happy and healthy – I think you will be just as happy as I am to write this for you!

I get asked all the time for simple strategies to stay healthy over the holidays. Most people feel like they don’t have the resources or the tools at hand to make better decisions. The most important aspect is to be prepared and dedicated. That way you can control how your holidays will go, rather than letting them control you.

Here is my roundup of ideas that can help you make this the healthiest holiday and happiest holiday to date!

  • TAKE UP an online cooking class. I am obviously an advocate of cooking classes. It’s a great way to get new ideas on how to add some “spice” into the mix at home. We all get into the rut of making the same thing time after time. Often we need a new recipe or two just to set the sparks to some new inspiration in the kitchen. The winter is the perfect time to hunker down and learn something new in the comfort of your home. You are going to want to see what’s in store on my HOMEMADE online cooking class series – especially all the winter warming recipes. With new ideas at your fingertips you will step into this holiday season with creativity. Whether you are hosting or invited to a party you will have the chance to inspire others with new tastes and flavours!


  • STOCK UP on a good protein powder for your smoothies, breakfast bowls, raw desserts and so on. It’s sometimes not enough to just make a smoothie. It’s all about what you put in it. If you don’t have the right ratio of protein, fat and carbohydrates you could be left feeling hungry or even worse cranky. Loading up on good quality, easy to digest protein is essential. Using a protein powder makes it convenient and easy to do this for a quick and easy breakfast, snack or even added to warm elixirs and chia porridge. This is also the time of year you want to find ways to curb cravings and fill up on “good food” before you end up at a holiday party eating more then you fair share or food you know you shouldn’t be.  My favourite choice for a plant based protein is Sunwarrior. You can get your fix at here & be sure to use the code TUHP at check out to save 10%. If you are looking for something animal based, I would opt for collagen or a bone broth based protein powder.
  • KEEP UP with your goals and practice new habits over the holidays. The New Year is a time we want to form new habits in our lives but we often seem to lack the willpower to keep ourselves accountable. I am a big fan of using apps to help with this and my favourite one to date is called Habits (go figure). It allows you to practice and form new habits in all areas of your life from sleep to meditation, fitness and nutrition. You know you want to drink that tall glass of water first thing in the morning or go to bed early but you don’t always remember or there is no one to keep you accountable. This way you will get a reminder and a notification to do so. Step into 2017 with a new way of being that will last you all year long.
  • EAT UP and load up on more fats – good fats are essential for your brain. They can help by providing you focus and clarity. Fats will also give you energy and help you to curb cravings while actually helping your body to burn fat (not store it). This is the time of year that your body actually craves more fat, so honour it! Just make sure you are including healthy and clean sources. Some of my favourite fats to include in most meals everyday include avocado, coconut, coconut oil, coconut butter, nuts, seeds and olive oil. Read this post to get more ideas!  You can’t go wrong as long as you are upping your fats while lowering your carbs. Your body will kick into high gear and start shedding those extra pounds, despite what you might think about eating more fat. It’s the opposite! So make friends with fat – it’s on your side for the long haul – your body, your skin and your mind will thank you!

LISTEN UP and download a podcast! Podcasts are great ways to learn and get inspired. I know you probably love to listen to your music and when you are going for a run, walk or even a car ride, but what if you could actually learn while you were on the go? If you are taking a vacation this holiday or even if you just have some down time, this is a great way to learn, grow and expand as a person. You will likely pick up some new tips and ideas that will ultimately transform your health and well-being. Find any category that you want to venture into and go from there. Topics range from health, business, fitness, mindfulness etc. Luckily The Ultimate Health Podcast has many of these topics all in one place! Also don’t hesitate to join our Facebook group community, we’d love to have you!


So there you have it, some simple and easy tips to make your holidays that much happier and healthier then ever before!

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