Marni & Me Series

Getting to know the Green Girl Next Door
Dear Friends, 

My name is Erika Paige and I have recently joined the Food Studio as Marni’s Community Relations Manager.

As a new member of the Marni Wasserman team, I wanted to get to know Marni and uncover what she and her Food Studio stand for. Over the summer we met up after work at some of her favourite spots around the city. She embraces so many incredible things (I couldn’t possibly sum up in one article), so I thought I would focus on each one separately.

I decided to turn these visits into a blog series so you could get to know Marni and her Food Studio a bit better too. Hang with us for the next two weeks on Marni’s blog as she shares her nourishing journey and plant-powered lifestyle with Q&A, delicious tips and recipes.

I like to think of Marni as my go-to green girl; as you learn more about her I think you will too.

Check in tomorrow to find out why Marni is Plant Powered!


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