Gluten Free Smart Store Review by Erika

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I’m writing today to welcome a wonderfully convenient addition to the Gluten Free community- the Gluten Free Smart Store!

Now with the Gluten Free Smart Store you can make all of your gluten free purchases online with the comfort of knowing that all of the products have been approved by the founders of Live the Smart Way, Allergic Solution and GlutenFreeFind. These individuals are passionate about holistic nutrition and healthy gluten-free living.

When you shop the store, you will find a plethora of categories full of gluten free options like cookbooks, breads, bars, magazines, hair care, cakes, skin care and supplements to name a few. I was simply amazed to find that so many things can come gluten-free! It’s more than just eating GF.

The GFSS also connects you to the manufacturers, so you can receive all the details on a product before purchase.

Once you purchase your GF items and they’re conveniently shipped to your door you can hop back onto the website to find delicious recipes!

I don’t know about you, but last time I checked the stock boy at Loblaws couldn’t tell me how much water to put with my Gluten-Free cake mix.

Welcome Gluten Free Smart Store to the Community, we are so happy to have you!


And if you’d like further instruction on using your gluten-free ingredients come to the Studio and we’ll show you how!

Tonight! For Journey to Japan… at 6:30 pm

And for Totally Thai on Monday December 2nd at 6:30 pm

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