I love what I do!

I am still just coming down from my high after leading another successful retreat in Collingwood, Ontario. This is now the 4th one I’ve led and each time they just get better and better! I have this pure, positive feeling of satisfaction that I’m making a difference in people’s lives. I know this because my participants couldn’t stop sharing with me all weekend how good they were feeling, how much they were learning, how their perspective on nutrition has changed. This is all as a result of fully immersing themselves in a power-packed intensive weekend that was completely catered to their needs.

I also didn’t expect to come out of this retreat having them affect my well being. It has only just enhanced and justified that what I do with passion everyday, and the fact that I am someone that’s contributing to people shifting their views on their health and well being. I know that each and every participant on my retreat is going to make significant change in their life – and there are just no words to describe how rewarding that feels. I know I’ve got at least two ladies starting a juice cleanse this week. Another couple is thrilled to have more raw recipes to tackle and then there are those that just feel so good, they are going to continue to eat a pure, clean, and predominantly, a plant-based diet with emphasis in raw food.

I know that in my heart this is why I do what I do. I love to teach, period. I love to educate and share my knowledge about food, but more importantly I love to show people that this can be done! It is easy to eat well. It’s not some far fetched difficult thing that you have to overcome or start doing after this vacation or that diet. You can start right here, right now. If it means adding in a new vegetable, or buying a blender or your starting to juice – these are all components to a better way of living. My ultimate goal is that people enjoy it and don’t look at this new approach as a chore but a lifestyle. It should be fun, easy and of course, delicious.

“Loved the retreat. Everyone was so great there! We have already incorporated so much of what you have taught us. We have already been a week tomorrow without coffee and 98% raw all week. Have also done sprouting of a couple of things and incorporating seaweeds into our diet. We feel amazing! We both had such a wonderful time.”

Happy healthy people enjoying their raw dinner

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Some of the most beautiful and heartfelt testimonials I have ever heard!



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