Eat Organic, Wear Organic

People have come to accept that organic is a way of life and not just a label you buy on the shelf. Also organic living means so much more than the food you eat or the coffee you drink. It comes down to all areas of life including the products you use at home, the bedding you sleep on and the clothing you choose to wear.

I have made the commitment over the last number of years to keep my standards high. That means I am that person looking for the organic label – sourcing the most ethical, sustainable products out there. I want to ensure that my buying power has an impact. Not only on my own conscience but that it also traces back to the roots or those involved in the creation of what I am buying.

I make a very conscious decision to buy organic when purchasing everything from my produce, my eggs, my teas, my skin care, my meat and even my laundry detergent. I want to ensure that the brands I am supporting are doing their part to give back and to provide consumers with an experience, not just looking to make a profit.

When it comes to what I wear, I have chosen prAna as one of my key brands for the clothing that I wear. I shared in a post last fall – why I so love this company and their mission so much. They have a full organic cotton collection and they offer a style to match everyones personality. Active, elegant, casual or business – the patterns, colours and options are endless.

Here’s why prAna is different:

  1. They choose people over clothing – this means that farmers and families are no longer exposed to toxins
  2. They choose soil over clothing – this ensures the regeneration life and biodiversity in the soil to improve the health of our planet.
  3. They choose water over clothing – this means 115 gallons of water is saved when you switch one t-shirt to organic cotton.

If you’ve never had the chance to give prAna clothing a try, you’ve got to hook yourself up. Luckily I can get you 15% off your prAna gear from. Go ahead, START SHOPPING HERE + be sure to use the code: GGGP18

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