Steep, Infuse, Drink and Repeat

Do you drink tea? I certainly do. Some days and some months (depending on the season) more than others but sipping on a hot cuppa is certainly part of my daily rituals.

Now, we can talk tea and that means so many things to different people as there are hundreds of different tea blends. The interesting thing is that all tea come from the same plant, Camelia Sinensis.

I am typically an herbal tea girl. I love to brew a cup of tulsi, peppermint, nettle or even dandelion especially now that it is spring. But once in a while I love brewing a fabulous cup of green tea. Now the key to brewing the perfect cup of tea is to brew it at the right temperature.

Unfortunately many people burn their tea by pouring boiling water over it or even worse boiling the tea leaves in a pot. This is a totally normal practice, I mean that’s how you make tea right? Well, not exactly. When it comes to your delicate tea leaves, the last thing you want to do is prepare them at the wrong temperature. The best way to get the most nutrition and benefit out of your tea is to brew it to the proper temperature which will highlight its flavour and unique tea profile.

I have tried a few different tea makers over the years, but the best quality one hands down is from Breville.

I am not saying this because this is a featured blog post, I am saying this because this product is amazing. Not only are most other versions made cheaply without any temperature settings, but they also aren’t made from quality materials. You do not, I repeat “do not” want to put your water or your tea for that matter in a flimspy cheap aluminum or plastic version of a pot. You also don’t want to have your water touching direct hot coils or heating elements.

You want something that is build to last, and clean to put your tea into. You want something that is made from glass and stainless steel and has all the settings you need to make a perfect cup of tea, every time.

Meet the Breville Smart Tea Infuser:

The Smart Tea Infuser is a beautiful addition to Breville’s line of tea makers.  With variable control temperature settings, the Smart Tea Infuser™ adjusts temperature according to the tea variety, so to protect the delicate tea leaves.  Whether it be oolong, green, black, or white teas – tea can be enjoyed at its full potential in taste and body of flavour and colour.  The automatic ‘keep warm’ function maintains your selected teas optimal temperature for 30 minutes.  With sleek and durable design,  the Smart Tea Infuser™ is stainless steel constructed with glass jug and soft grip handle.

Different teas need different degrees. The Breville Smart Tea Infuser knows the right temperature and steep time to bring out the best in your favorite teas. Set the timer to tell you when steeping is complete then it automatically keeps warm until you are ready to drink. Never over-steep your tea again.

With Mother’s Day nearing, the Smart Tea Infuser makes for a thoughtful gift to add some luxury into mum’s everyday routine.

That is why I am giving one away!

For the the tea lovers reading this post…guess what! I am going to be giving away a Smart Tea Infuser away by the end of the day on Friday.

All you have to do is watch out for my instagram post @marniwasserman sharing a picture of me sipping on tea comment below to tell me why you need the Smart Tea Infuser in your life!

I will be announcing the winner on my Instagram  Friday May 11h at 11 am. I will be showing off this lovely tea infuser and making a beautiful cup of green tea on Thursday May 10th at 11 am.



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