The Benefits of Growing Your Own Veggies

Growing your own garden has so many benefits and is an amazing way to get fresh organic vegetables and fruits! One of our favourite urban farmers is  Young Urban Farmers – a Toronto-based company that helps people grow their own fresh produce.

Here are 5 benefits of growing your own veggies. Plus, it’s an easy and fun activity!

–       High in Nutrition: Organically local grown food has been shown to have a much higher mineral and vitamin content than store bought food treated with pesticides. Foods laced with pesticides have also been linked to a higher incidence of disease, including various cancers.

–       Fresh Taste: Foods that are free of pesticides and harvested straight from the garden are fresher and taste better!

–       Cost-Effective: Growing your own vegetables significantly reduces food costs. It also saves you less time at the grocery store and more time in your garden!

–       Helps the Environment: Home gardening will lower your carbon footprint by helping to prevent soil erosion, improve water and air quality, save energy and reduce transportation costs.

–       Provides Fun, Knowledge and Beauty: This can be a fun and satisfying learning experience for individuals, families and children! It also helps create a beautiful personal space.

To learn how to seed the foundation to your garden, join us in the studio next Tuesday, June 18 for a workshop with Young Urban Farmers. Chris will show you how to start off your garden so that you can bring seeds that you plant here home and watch your veggies grow. Marni will be creating delicious recipes which will include veggies from her garden. Find out more information and register here!

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