006: What To Eat And What Not To Eat During Pregnancy

What To Eat And What Not To Eat During Pregnancy

It’s vital to eat well when you are pregnant. However just note, you are not eating for two, but rather you are nourishing for two!

This is not the time to go all out and eat whatever you want despite what you have heard.

This is your chance to feed your body and your growing baby the best nutrient-dense foods ever! Of course, you may go through some periods of cravings or be turned off of certain foods. But for the most part, build your diet with the specific nutrients and foods that I discuss in this episode.

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Highlights from this episode:

  • Sarelle’s 23-week milestones
  • Nourishing for two
  • Build your body with nutrient-dense foods
  • Consuming healthy animal protein sources
  • Fermented foods will keep you regular
  • Soothing benefits of bone broth
  • Gelatin has become a superfood
  • Fill your plate with high-quality fats
  • Can you drink kombucha during pregnancy?
  • Plant-based sources of calcium
  • Choline is important for brain development
  • Foods high in DHA
  • Supplement & food sources of folate
  • Importance of iodine
  • Absorb iron-rich foods
  • Potassium helps relieve leg cramps
  • Increase your magnesium by eating leafy greens, avocados, & brown rice
  • Take cod liver capsules through pregnancy
  • Good sources of Vitamin C
  • Make cooking real food at home a habit
  • Guidelines for eating raw fish & shellfish
  • How much caffeine is safe?
  • Be cautious animal proteins are cooked properly
  • Should you eat raw sprouts?
  • The lowdown on fresh juices
  • Be mindful of raw dairy
  • Foods to absolutely avoid always
  • Replacements for processed foods
  • Herbs & medicinal mushrooms to avoid
  • Stick to clean, whole foods

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