Delicious Tips for Cancer Awareness and Prevention

It’s the end of November and the last two months have been dedicated to Cancer awareness for both women and men. So I am doing my part and sharing with you some of my tips to take your health into your own hands. Whether you have been diagnosed breast or prostate cancer or just working towards preventing, it is important to understand that you are responsible for your own health. You have every power within you to control the things YOU do on a day-to-day basis.  You don’t have complete control over such things as genetics, the environments and other extraneous factors (although some would beg to differ), but how you live your life each day up to you!

If your lifestyle choices are positive and health promoting, then you can only help any situation (wherever you are) to make things better. What you eat, what you wear, put on your body and your thoughts all make a difference!

Of all the things that we don’t have the power to manipulate within our lives, you need to focus on what is tangible and realistic.

Take some these preventive steps today to keep your mind and body healthy!

Lifestyle Tips to Prevent, Moderate and Balance!

  1. Use organic products on your body – shaving cream, makeup, hair. If you can eat it, it can go on your body. Honey and avocado make a great face mask -For Men:  Gentleman’s Refinery, Nature Clean Shampoo – For Women: Mad Gabs, Mineral Fusion, Evan Healy, Nature Clean Shampoo
  2. Sleep soundly on organic hemp or bamboo bedding and mattress
  3. Choose organic and sustainable clothing made from organic cotton, bamboo or other natural fabrics. Also get yourself some reusable bags to take with you shopping Bazura Bags, RuMe
  4. Use household cleaners that are non-toxic with natural components such as Nature Clean or be simple and use lemon and vinegar.
  5. Get plenty of fresh air.  Escape up north for a drive and marvel at how amazing life truly is amongst fields, trees and lakes
  6. When it comes to food, choose local and organic food – avoiding pesticides, chemicals, GMO,
  7. Use glass storage containers to avoid BPA leaking into your lovingly prepared food check out Wean Green
  8. Avoid the microwave – why expose yourself to radiation when you have so many alternatives, like the stovetop or the oven.
  9. Make time for you. Whether it’s through meditation, yoga, exercise, gardening choose to do things that you love on a regular basis.
  10. Be grateful – we all have daily woes that bring us down, but realistically we are incredibly lucky.   Make a list every morning of at least three things you are grateful for.  It can be as simple as being able to breath and having hands to hold your loved ones, to having a roof over your head, to having internet access!  So many things we take for granted, that if we expressed gratitude every day we would be so much happier and healthier!
  11. Get yourself a copy of Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Life and watch Crazy Sexy Cancer. Amazing tips, ideas, recipes and makes light of the whole C word!

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