Celebrate 11/11/11 with me!

I am turning 30 this year and my birthday just happens to fall on 11/11/11. Not only is November 11th my birthday but I was also my mom’s little gift on her birthday. Yes I was her present and we share the same special birthday.

Obviously 11 is a significant number in my life having it on this day and this month, but now the 11th year …that is somewhat amazing – and not to mention I was born at 11:03? How is that for numerology, now if anyone can read into this and make some meaning out of it, I would love to hear more!

November 11th is a day that is recognized globally as Remembrance Day, a day to reflect and acknowledge the heroes that fought in the war.

Don’t worry I am not going to get all political or historical, in fact I am actually going to turn this around and make this about you!

We all need to take time to do this for ourselves every once in a while. Making it about us, reflecting, acknowledging, loving and experiencing gratitude for just who you are!

Most of us are so busy going about our days moving forward moving forward. But sometimes you have to stop, sit and think back to just how fabulous you really are and what you have accomplished!

It’s not about bragging. It’s about acknowledging and having a little self appreciation. Most people go through life not doing this, and it can actually break you down over time.

So today, I would like you to write down 5 things you accomplished this year in 2011 – whether it is business related or personally. Did you have a baby, did you move to a new country, change jobs, get a new bike, take up yoga? Maybe it’s more general, have you started eating better, became a vegetarian?

Here is what I have accomplished this year (so far)!

Moving into a new condo (unit #211) with and loving every inch of it!

Embracing my health and well-being by staying active, (running, yoga, kettlebells and spinning) while continuing to thrive on a plant based diet!

Flourishing my amazing relationships with my friends and family and making some very new and important relationships.

Please share with me below – I want to know why 2011 has been so special for you!

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