I’m not a coffee drinker, but…

I’m not a coffee drinker! Can you believe I have never had a full cup of plain black coffee? Well… maybe you can if you are like me. If that is so, then we definitely represent the minority in this modern coffee-drinking society. I have nothing against coffee, never did. I just never got into it, which is strange since my mom has hardly gone a day in her life without it!

To give you an idea just how many times I’ve tried coffee, I can do this on one hand. First time was when I had the odd sip to try my mom’s daily brew. Then there are those times in University I tried the diluted sugar-bomb versions of coffee sold EVERYWHERE. Lastly of course my favourite way to have” my coffee” was via ice cream the Haagan Das coffee flavour which was eventually replaced by Luna and Larry’s Coconut Bliss Cappucino. Which I still frequent every now and again 😉

This brewed cherished bean makes the cornerstone of most people’s morning routine. But not mine, as you read above coffee just isn’t not part of my life. However, since trying out this Precision Brewer from Breville – I have been having just the smallest amount mixed in to my morning elixir, and it is truly something special. This special treat is a way to preserve that beautiful smell and taste of coffee while blending it with some of my favourite elixir ingredients. This not only dilutes the coffee, but also gives provides a unique medium to get coffee into my body. I can see why coffee lovers enjoy the whole experience of making coffee from home. There is something quite sacred to this ritual. To be honest this is the first time I have made coffee at home, from scratch using real beans!

Coffee also has numerous health benefits which can aid in everything from metabolism, energy, well-being to cognitive function. To get more info on how coffee can be enjoyed in a healthy way, give these episodes a listen on The Ultimate Health Podcast. You will also discover reasons not to consume coffee depending on where your health and lifestyle is at.

Straight up coffee for me is just too intense. I am quite sensitive to caffeine, so all I need is just the smallest amount to get the essence. Since it’s not about the energy boost for me, but rather the flavour (as long as it’s diluted with other flavours and ingredients – namely something sweet and something fatty), this makes it the perfect way to enjoy a cup of joe.

In this case what I have done, is brewed some coffee with enough to put in a large mason jar. I am going to store this cold and then use what I need for my elixirs. For me 1/4 cup would be enough to include into my daily elixir. I will have to see how this goes!

Here is what is in my latest elixir blend:

Cafe Latte Morning Brew!

1.5 cups hot water or brewed coffee

1/2 cup coconut milk

1 scoop collagen

1/4 cup brewed coffee or hot water

1 tbsp MCT oil powder from Perfect Keto

1 tbsp cacao butter

1 tbsp lakanto monk fruit sugar

1 sachet of cordyceps mushrooms from Four Sigmatic

So let’s talk about this Precision Brewer from Breville!

The Precision Brewer offers ultimate precision and significantly re-creates growing café trends, from cold brew to pour-over.  Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or every day coffee drinker (or addict!) everyone can appreciate that the Precision Brewer is the world’s fastest brewer, delivering 12 true cups (60 oz.) in less than 7minutes.

FullSizeRender 2
The precision brewer appeals to the coffee connoisseur that is is looking to make a fresh cup at home using real beans. The allow you to control the drip, temperature and brew time to suit your coffee beans. The best part is that it allows you cafe style coffee in your own home.


For the the coffee lovers reading this post…guess what! I am going to be giving away a Precision Brewer by the end of day tomorrow.

All you have to do is watch out for my instagram post @marniwasserman sharing a picture of my brewed latte and comment below to tell me why you need Precision Brewer in your life!

I will be announcing the winner on my Facebook LIVE on FRIDAY OCTOBER 20th at 4 pm. I will be showing off this lovely brewer and making this tasty elixir from scratch!

Good luck!

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