028: Nourish Your Body & Your Baby Throughout All Four Trimesters with Lindsay Taylor

Nourish Your Body & Your Baby Throughout All Four Trimesters with Lindsay Taylor

Lindsay Taylor is a pre and post-natal nutrition expert, health researcher, and doula who supports women to get confidently nourished before, during, and after pregnancy. Lindsay is also the author of The Food Doula Cookbook, a cookbook full of easy, delicious recipes for preconception, all three trimesters, and postpartum.

In this episode, she shares how new mamas and mamas-to-be can nourish themselves and their babes for every meal of the day, every step of the way!

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Highlights from this episode:

  • Update on Sarelle & TUBtwo pregnancy
  • Helping mamas nourish themselves during pregnancy & postpartum
  • What is the actual risk of the foods pregnant mamas are told to avoid?
  • There is no single food that is 100% safe
  • Focus on eating to meet your nutrition needs
  • Trimester zero sets the foundation for pregnancy
  • How to add folate-rich foods into every meal
  • Do you need methylated folate?
  • The top 9 foods for a healthy 9 months
  • Start your day by eating protein-rich foods to manage morning sickness in trimester 1
  • Reduce morning sickness with Vitamin B6 rich-foods
  • Start increasing iron-rich foods in trimester 2
  • Put down the carbs and drink a smoothie
  • Get familiar with 1 pot meals for postpartum
  • Grain-free meals help with acid reflux in trimester 3
  • Probiotic-rich foods aid in digestion
  • Omega-3s are critical for mom & baby during pregnancy and postpartum
  • Bone broth supports healing, digestion, and hormones
  • Say yes to help during postpartum recovery
  • Honour your needs postpartum and lean into hunger cues
  • Easy & accessible 1 handed snack ideas
  • Galactagogues increase milk supply + food & herb recommendations
  • Teas to support pregnancy & breastfeeding
  • The best foods to keep you healthy during a cold

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