029: How To Set Boundaries and Deal With ‘Fussy’ Eating with Angela Wallace

How To Set Boundaries and Deal With 'Fussy' Eating with Angela Wallace

Today’s guest, Angela Wallace, is my first repeat guest, and for a good reason. In our first episode, Angela and I talked about transitioning to solid foods, and in this episode, we talked about the next phase of eating after baby turns one year old. As your toddler starts to develop food preferences it can make mealtimes more challenging and we are left with a ‘fussy eater’.

In this episode, we dive into so many topics on setting the stage for healthy eating. We discuss everything from milk after age 1, how much food your toddler should be eating, and how to manage endless snacking! Enjoy this super fun and informative conversation.

Angela Wallace is a registered dietitian, family food expert, and pilates instructor. She specializes in women and family health. She specifically works with weight management, gut health, fertility, pre/postnatal nutrition, and all things family nutrition (introducing solids to your little one, picky eating, fueling your little athlete, simplifying family meals, allergies, etc. She loves supporting families in living a healthy lifestyle that works for them. 

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Highlights from this episode:

  • 33 week pregnancy update
  • The transitional phase of eating for 1-2 year olds
  • It’s not true fussy/picky eating until ages 2-3 years old
  • Trust your baby/toddlers hunger cues
  • Snacks contribute to daily calorie intake
  • What is a good pre-dinner snack?
  • Thoughts on healthy packaged snacks
  • How much should toddlers eat?
  • Encourage eating healthy fats throughout the day
  • Why kids struggle eating meat & veggies
  • Expose your child to new foods
  • Provide “safe” food on their plate
  • The division of responsibility with eating
  • Should you sneak food into their meals?
  • Tips on preventing a fussy/picky eater
  • How interacting with food empowers kids
  • Squirmy child at the table? Are they in a proper sitting position?
  • Start with smaller portions
  • The current recommendations for offering animal-based milk & plant-based milk

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