My Summer “Sporty” Eco Fashion – Wearing is Caring

When the spice girls were in their prime, me and all my friends associated ourselves with the spice girl that we were most like. Among the group, I was hands down sporty spice. For me clothing and what I wore has always been about comfort. I am an active person and love clothes that can move with me. I was always the girl that hated to put on pantyhose, awkward dresses or tight skirts. I still found a way to be a girly but in my own way.  Over the years, I as I have developed my own style and fashion, it was about finding brands and clothes that suited my movements and my personality.

I truly care about what I wear. Of course it’s about looking good, but without any compromise. Whether I am teaching, doing  cooking demo, hosting a party, giving a lecture or invited to a special event – I want to always look and feel my best.

When it comes to shopping in general, I never had any patience. I would always prefer to get a whole seasons worth of clothing all at once, rather then sporadically going on a regular basis. I was never one for malls, department stores or streets lined with big brand shops. I would much rather a more personalized or customized experience at a boutique shop or directly going to the brands I love. Bottom line, I am a one-stop shop kind of girl!

I have now narrowed down my clothing to only a few key brands and Prana is one of them. They are an incredible brand of clothing that is functional, comfortable, colourful, sporty and well made – for any occasion. For the girl who wants to look good but still be able to sit crossed leg or move in ways the body is meant to move, this is the perfect fit – literally.

They have everything from pants, dresses, shorts, tops and accessories like scarfs and bathing suits. There is no shortage of options for both men and women. They believe that living life to it’s fullest and playing are an integral part of their brand. Not to mention incredible clothing for travel and day to day functionality.

You can of course order online if you are outside of Toronto – but if you are local in my hometown, THEN YOU MUST shop at no other place than Logan and Finley located at 670 Queens Street West.

This is where I stock up on brands like Prana, Miik, Lole and more!

In addition to clothing, Logan and Finely has it all, from bags, candles, cards, jewellery and other fun items that you will help you to live a sustainable and mindful lifestyle. The owner Julie, has thought of everything. She even makes your visit so customized and unique that you will absolutely walk out of that store with your bags filled with items that are perfect for you!

I am so glad that not only have I found brands that I love wearing but also love wearing me. If you care about what you wear, then I hope you get the chance to source some of your favourite clothes directly from Prana online or locally at Logan and Finley. That way you can sport your own style and love what you wear.

Here are some of my favourite outfits from this spring + summer and the occasions they were sported at!

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