003: Natural Preconception Planning

Natural Preconception Planning

It is so important to get your mind and body ready long before you want to get pregnant.

First and foremost, make sure you are ready to have this baby! You will want to have many essential components of your life in place before you actually conceive. Of course, you can’t always plan things perfectly but as long as you do what you can, it can make a world of difference to support your body in conceiving naturally. This includes everything from removing the toxins in your home, to the supplements you are taking, the foods you are eating (and not eating), including regular exercise and managing your levels of stress. I get into all of this and so much more in this episode!

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Highlights from this episode:

  • Sarelle’s 15 week milestones
  • How to prepare the body to conceive naturally
  • Remove toxins from your home that may be affecting your fertility
  • Make exercise and movement a priority
  • Filter your water at home
  • Address any previous health concerns before conceiving
  • When to start taking prenatal supplements
  • Do you have the MTHFR gene?
  • Both men & women should take CoQ10 for fertility
  • Vitamin D is good for your immune system
  • The benefits of magnesium
  • Increase your iron levels before & during pregnancy
  • Probiotics are important for your immune system & gut health
  • Eat good quality fats while trying to conceive (TTC)
  • What type of fish can you eat during pregnancy?
  • Goat & sheep dairy are easier to digest
  • Avoid GMO foods and choose organic
  • Cut down on caffeine while TTC
  • Don’t be afraid of carbs!
  • Can you have a healthy vegetarian pregnancy?
  • Use collagen and bone broth to nourish your body
  • Tips for managing your stress when you are TTC
  • What apps I recommend to track your fertility

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