030: Empower Yourself To Love Your Labour and Embrace Natural Birth with Corrine Brown

Empower Yourself To Love Your Labour and Embrace Natural Birth with Corrine Brown

I am so excited about this week’s guest, Corrine Brown, a former Naturopathic Doctor, creator of the Love Your Labour program, author of “The Badass Birth Goddess”, and mom of 3.

This is the perfect episode to pause with before I go into labour myself in a few weeks with TUBtwo. Corrine was pivotal in helping me have my natural home birth with Sarelle and you’ll find out why in this episode.

Everything we talk about in this episode will help to empower you mentally and physically to have a natural birth (if that is your goal). No matter what point you are at in your pregnancy or even if you are in the planning phase this conversation will motivate and inspire you to love your labour. You will get tools, resources, and other helpful information to help you on your labour journey. Enjoy this juicy conversation with Corrine.

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Highlights from this episode:

  • Thoughts on pregnancy over 35
  • The pivotal role Corrine played in helping my natural home birth
  • How Corrine’s love for labour started
  • Animals natural instinct to birth
  • Corrine shares her 3 very different birth stories
  • Write down your birth story
  • Informed consent is a huge part of medical freedom
  • Understanding the risks of Group B Strep (GBS) in childbirth
  • Sterile water injections for labour pain relief
  • Knowing when medical interventions are necessary
  • Using a labour prep tincture
  • Reprogram your mind and beliefs about birth
  • Advocating for yourself is empowering
  • What is the labour funnel?
  • Nature’s epidural is the labour hormone oxytocin
  • Postpartum is easier when you have a natural birth
  • How your partner and a doula can support you during labour
  • Normalize natural birth
  • Empowerment is a mindset

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