002: My Journey To A Natural Pregnancy

My Journey To A Natural Pregnancy

What does a natural pregnancy actually mean? What does living a natural life mean? These are some of the concepts I explore on today’s show.

On today’s show, I take you through my personal fertility backstory, which had a not so natural beginning. I give an overview of my entire pregnancy and birth story. You will have the chance to learn more about me while collecting some valuable tips along the way.

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Highlights from this episode:

  • Sarelle’s 14-week milestones
  • What does natural pregnancy mean to me?
  • The goal of having a healthy baby
  • Getting diagnosed with mild PCOS at age 19
  • The unnatural start to my menstrual cycle
  • My journey into studying natural health & nutrition
  • Transitioning from a vegetarian to paleo diet to heal Hashimoto’s
  • Laying the foundation for a calm & peaceful lifestyle
  • How a functional medicine team can help you conceive naturally
  • What is a chemical pregnancy?
  • Why we opted out of the 7-week ultrasound
  • We decided not to find out the gender of the baby
  • Find out what other pregnancy interventions we opted out of doing
  • Working with a midwife team from 11-weeks until postpartum
  • The benefits of repro reflexology for pregnancy
  • Nausea and food aversions during trimester 1
  • Pelvic floor exercises help a natural delivery
  • Preparing my body & mind for a natural, unmedicated home birth
  • Dealing with a breech baby at 32-weeks
  • The hind water leak that almost lead to a hospital birth
  • Having the pregnancy & delivery of my dreams

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