019: How To Optimize Fertility with Andrea Grace

How To Optimize Fertility with Andrea Grace

If you are thinking about conceiving or actively trying to conceive there are so many things you want to consider to optimize fertility, and prepare your body for conception.

In this episode with Andrea Grace we get into why it’s so important to plan well in advance to make sure your body (and your mind) gets what it needs to help your chances of conceiving naturally. Of course the journey to pregnancy is different for everyone.

There are many things within your control that you can start doing today to nourish your body before, during and after pregnancy.

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Highlights from this episode:

  • Mom tip: Create an activity box
  • Andrea’s passion to help women conceive
  • How much diet impacts fertility
  • Folic acid vs. folate
  • Should you be taking methylated folate?
  • The importance of preconception planning
  • Correcting nutritional deficiencies before pregnancy
  • Why eating a nutrient dense whole foods diets makes conception easier
  • Eating refined carbohydrates can make conceiving challenging
  • Tips for tracking basal body temperature
  • Tracking your cervical mucus helps identify your fertile window
  • Get in tune with your body
  • Tracking your cycle after having a baby
  • You can still get pregnant while breastfeeding
  • What is secondary infertility?
  • Recommended prenatal supplements
  • Key supplements to take while trying to conceive (TTC)
  • The truth about male infertility
  • Sperm takes 90 days to regenerate
  • Recommended supplements, dietary and lifestyle changes for sperm health
  • Stress management is often a missing piece of the puzzle
  • Regular exercise can improve insulin sensitivity
  • Reduce your daily toxic load
  • The role of sleep hygiene
  • Be gentle on yourself during the pre-conception journey
  • Work on creating healthy habits before pregnancy

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