015: Twelve Takeaways From The First Year of Motherhood

Twelve Takeaways From The First Year of Motherhood

This episode is all about a year in review of being a mom.

There is so much to reflect on from the first year with my daughter Sarelle. Countless lessons have been learned and so much knowledge has been gained in a short period of time. Of course, there is so much I could share, but I have condensed it down to 12 things that I think are the biggest takeaways that will benefit any mom or mom-to-be.

I am no expert and I don’t claim to have all the answers. All I can do is share my experiences with you. I know you will relate, and I hope these takeaways guide you on your own motherhood journey.

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Highlights from this episode:

  • Sarelle’s 50-week milestones
  • The best learning is the experience
  • Bed-sharing vs. co-sleeping
  • Be open-minded and go with the flow
  • Sleep is always changing
  • Our hybrid approach to sleep practices
  • When people offer you help accept it
  • Breastfeeding non-stop helps increase milk supply
  • Bonding and engaging with your baby
  • Be prepared with activities & snacks for car trips
  • Less is more, you don’t need so many clothes
  • Fresh air makes for a happy baby and better sleep
  • Make it a priority to socialize your baby
  • Stay connected with other moms
  • Follow your instincts when it comes to feeding your baby solids
  • Parenthood means to stay humble & stay present
  • Babywearing is important

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