004: Getting Pregnant with Hashimoto’s

Getting Pregnant with Hashimoto's

So the question is, can you get pregnant with Hashimoto’s?

The answer is yes! This was something I definitely questioned when I was first starting to think about trying to conceive and wondered if I would have any challenges – as fertility can be something that is affected by autoimmune conditions and specifically, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.
But I didn’t let the “what-ifs” get in my way. I just focused on all the things I could do to support my health and my thyroid gland. You will find out what I did and what you can do to give your body the best chances of conceiving with an autoimmune disease.

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Highlights from this episode:

  • Sarelle’s 19-week milestones
  • Can you get pregnant with Hashimoto’s?
  • What is Hashimoto’s
  • How I figured out I had Hashimoto’s
  • Advocate to get your antibody levels checked
  • Why the vegetarian diet does not support thyroid health
  • Supplement recommendations for thyroid health
  • Work with a functional medicine team
  • Why I recommend natural desiccated thyroid hormone
  • Request a full thyroid panel test
  • Benefits of the autoimmune protocol (AIP)
  • The best herbs & medicinal mushrooms to lower your antibodies
  • Sleep is critical to repair and restore your body
  • Sarelle’s 4-month sleep regression
  • Low impact exercise ideas
  • Make self-care a priority when you are trying to heal
  • Drink lots of water to flush out toxins

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