025: I’m Pregnant (Again)

I'm Pregnant (Again)

Yes, it’s true. I am pregnant again with TUB (The Ultimate Baby) two!

In this episode, I will be sharing the details of my pregnancy so far as I am just over the halfway mark. You will hear how this pregnancy is similar and different to my last, the foods I am craving, my aversions, my exercise routine, and how I am sleeping.

You will also find out what we are having if you don’t already know. Lots of exciting tips and resources for newly pregnant mamas and mamas to be!

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Highlights from this episode:

  • My pregnancy update & taking time off
  • Becoming first time homebuyers!
  • Our plans for baby #2
  • Preconception planning + what supplement to take
  • Surprise… we’re expecting
  • 1st trimester nausea, food cravings & aversions
  • Dealing with fatigue during pregnancy
  • Keeping skin hydrated to reduce stretch marks
  • Prenatal fitness and the importance of staying active
  • Connecting with my baby bump
  • The story behind the sex reveal
  • Why we found out the sex
  • Why we opted out of the 7-week ultrasound
  • The power of informed consent
  • Planning for a home birth
  • Creating a badass birth plan
  • Moving, nesting, and preparing for postpartum
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding a toddler… it can be done!

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