009: The Second Trimester

The Second Trimester

Trimester two was definitely a highlight for me and I am so grateful that it went so smoothly.

I cover so much in this episode including when my bump really popped, feeling the baby’s first movements and the heartbeat, red raspberry leaf tea, slowing down, diet & supplements, preparing for a natural home birth, pregnancy book recommendations, birth classes, and so much more.

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Highlights from this episode:

  • Sarelle’s 32-week milestones
  • Marni’s growing bump
  • Embracing pregnancy
  • Feeling the baby kick at week 20
  • Moisturizing your belly, boobs, & bottom
  • Increase your collagen intake with daily smoothies & elixirs
  • Homemade gummies are the tastiest way to consume gelatin
  • Common body changes happening throughout trimester 2
  • Exercise video recommendations for trimester 2
  • Yoga is very conducive to being pregnant
  • The benefits of connecting with pregnant mamas in your community
  • Learning through birth classes
  • Pregnancy book recommendations
  • Our babymoon & nesting
  • Preparing the nursery for TUB
  • A home visit from our doula
  • Preparing for a natural home birth
  • The magical moment… hearing TUB’s heartbeat
  • Why you need to see a pelvic floor specialist
  • Connecting with the baby through meditation
  • Mama’s diet and cravings
  • Marni’s Hashimoto’s antibodies are the lowest they’ve ever been
  • Boosting low iron with foods & supplements
  • Packing the freezer with healthy, homemade meals
  • Red raspberry leaf tea
  • Marni’s daily supplement regimen
  • Scheduling time for dates, family & fun
  • Embrace slowing down before the baby comes
  • Marni’s maternity capsule wardrobe

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