021: The Importance Of Prenatal Fitness And Postpartum Mental Health with Taylor Walker

The Importance Of Prenatal Fitness And Postpartum Mental Health with Taylor Walker

Staying fit and active during pregnancy is a must to feel your best, have a healthy delivery and strong recovery, at least that was the case for Taylor Walker.

She is a mama of two who shares her pregnancy and natural birth story along with the challenges she faced dealing with postpartum mental health after her first pregnancy. She also shares how she has navigated the ups and downs during her recent pregnancy.

Taylor created an amazing prenatal fitness program that will be launched in May on The Fitness App. Her goal is to inspire you to stay committed to your health, your body and your mind throughout all the stages of pregnancy and beyond.

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Highlights from this episode:

  • Mom Tip: Packing snacks for the car
  • Taylor’s second pregnancy was completely different from her first
  • Pregnancy life with a toddler during a pandemic
  • How Taylor became involved in the fitness industry
  • Dealing with pregnancy cravings and nausea
  • Don’t stop moving your body during pregnancy
  • Start modifying exercises in 2nd trimester
  • The whole mama approach to Taylor’s new fitness app
  • Movement helps with your physical body and mental health
  • Labour & delivery is the most intense fitness event in most women’s lives
  • Hypnobirthing teaches how to release fear surrounding labour & delivery
  • Doulas act as a bridge between families and healthcare providers
  • Letting go of expectations with second delivery
  • Taylor struggled with postpartum anxiety
  • What is postpartum rage?
  • Tips for postpartum recovery
  • Reach out for support
  • Prenatal supplement recommendations
  • Focusing on nourishment for postpartum healing
  • Talk with your spouse/partner about your needs for trimester 4
  • Preparing her son CJ for baby #2
  • Mamas you still matter
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help

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